How to Install an SSL Certificate from GoDaddy onto Plesk

This guide covers how to install an SSL certificate that was purchased from GoDaddy onto a site that uses Plesk.

The first step is to buy a certificate from GoDaddy.

We chose the “SSL Certificates” option shown in the picture above.

Once you buy the certificate from GoDaddy, GoDaddy will email you a link where you can download the private key, CSR, and a zip containing the certificate.

The next step is to upload these files to Plesk. Go to Plesk and locate the section with the domain you’ll be adding the certificate to. Then click on the SSL/TLS Certificates category.

You will be taken to the page where you can fill out your certificate information and upload the files.

Open the private key and CSR files and copy their contents into their respective places.

Of the two CRT files sent from GoDaddy, upload the one that doesn’t start with “gd” in the file name.

Once the certificate parts have been uploaded, return to the main page of Plesk. For the domain you are securing, click on Hosting Settings (in the upper left area of the box) scroll down to security.

For security, select the certificate that was just uploaded (named “GoDaddy” in the picture above”).

Apply the settings change and the certificate should now work!

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